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December Features: Chuck’s

It's the holiday season and we're celebrating with a new batch of features at Chuck's! Stop in to try these exciting new offerings.

  • The Deep End: Inspired by the classic French dip sandwich, this burger is loaded with horseradish-tarragon cream cheese, fried onions, and comes with a side of au jus for dipping. Dive on in.
  • The Meltdown: We're tipping the hat to our pals at American Meltdown for inspiring this creation. Our seared hot dog is topped with fried brussels sprouts, chopped bacon, and a copious amount of beer cheese.
  • Egg Nog Shake: The holiday classic, in milkshake form. Pro move: spike it with a shot of bourbon.

Holiday Hours at AC Restaurants


We love spending the holiday season with our guests! Please take a look at our holiday hours below; we hope you’ll join us at one of our restaurants as part of your celebration!

Christmas Eve (Saturday, December 24th)
All properties are open, with early closing:
Beasley's + Chuck's close at 9pm
Fox Liquor Bar closes at 10pm
Poole's Diner closes at 9 pm
Death & Taxes closes at 9pm

Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25th)
All ACR properties are CLOSED

New Years Eve (Saturday, December 31st)
Death & Taxes: regular hours, special prefixe menu (details here)
Poole's Diner: regular hours, special prefixe menu (details here)
Beasley's + Chuck's: regular hours
Fox Liquor Bar: regular hours
Last service at Joule Coffee + Table

New Years Day (Sunday, January 1st)
Death & Taxes: CLOSED
Poole's Diner: CLOSED
Beasley's + Chuck's: regular hours
Fox Liquor Bar: regular hours

November Features at Chuck’s

November is here, the air is crisp, and it's time for a new round of features at Chuck's! We hope to see you this month for these exciting new offerings.

  • The Big Al: An homage to the smash-style burgers at Al's Burgers in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this burger is a beast. We grill onions on the flat-top and then smash them between two burger patties (that's 8 ounces of chuck, y'all), then top it with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, yellow mustard and mayo.
  • Reuben's Dog: The classic Reuben sandwich has been reimagined in hot dog form. We slice each dog and season it with pastrami spice, sear it, then cover it with quick-pickled sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, whole grain mustard, and Russian dressing.
  • Pumpkin Pie Shake: We know, we know--everything has been infected with pumpkin spice lately. We're not trying to pile on, just paying respects to the Thanksgiving classic, pumpkin pie, by throwing it in a milkshake. Pro move: spike this one with a shot of rum.


Team Chuck's

Monthly Features: Chuck’s

We're extra pumped about a few features that the kitchen team has been working on over at Chuck's. These items will be available starting today and through the month of October!

  • bluehawaii-150x150The Blue Hawaiian: Our chuck patty is topped with Buttermilk blue cheese, crispy onions and pineapple-habanero chutney. Kitchen manager Chris Tobin was inspired by the mango chutney at Indio on Glenwood.
  • lavadog-150x150Lava Dog: It's State Fair season, so we're getting in the mood with our take on a corn dog. Added bonus: a molten interior of American cheese.
  • cinnamontoastcrunch-150x150Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shake: For this shake, we make cinnamon toast using croissants from our sister spot, Joule, then blend them with vanilla ice cream and milk.

Weekly Features: Chuck’s Burgers

Well, get a hold of these bad boys! This week's features are available through Tuesday, September 20th at Chuck's Burgers.

chickenfriedburgerChicken-Fried Burger: Our 100% chuck patty is breaded and deep-fried until golden brown, then topped with white pan gravy and blanched green beans. Grandma would be proud.

baconwrappedhotdogYeah Dawg: Bacon-wrapped hot dog, topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

captaincrunchshakeCaptain Crunch Shake: Self-explanatory. And frickin' awesome.



James Beard Award 2019Outstanding Chef James Beard Award 2014Best Chef: Southeast
2019 James Beard AwardOutstanding Chef 2014 James Beard AwardBest Chef: Southeast
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