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Posted on January 14, 2019 Category: Fox Liquor Bar

So Many New Cocktails, So Little Alcohol

We’ve just rung in the new year! Congratulations, you’ve made it through the holiday season (and all of those holiday splurges)! But now it’s time to get serious, and seriously healthy. Sound familiar? You’re not alone… millions of people dedicate their January to getting back to clean eating and healthier lifestyle choices. It just makes January seem... a little dull on the social front, right?

So we’ve crafted four featured non-alcoholic cocktails to make sure that you can have a great night out with friends, without ruining your carefully crafted health goals.

Elixir of Life

This highball is not only non-alcoholic, but sugar-free as well. Participating in Whole30? This drink is completely compliant.

Berried Ale

It drinks like a mule, but you’ll find no booze here: just ginger, lime, and raspberry syrup, then garnished with a mint sprig and a single raspberry!

Foxy Tonic

Another sugar-free mocktail for our Whole30/paleo pals, this drink combines rosemary, cucumber, lemon, cranberry, and Rishi peppermint-sage tea.

Apple of Eden

This tempting cocktail tastes like a splurge, but we assure you--there’s no alcohol here. Apples, orange juice, vanilla, lime, and coconut come together for a highly flavorful libation.

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2019 James Beard AwardOutstanding Chef 2014 James Beard AwardBest Chef: Southeast
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