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People’s Cocktail | Matt Kelly pops up in Raleigh for one night only

Eat, Drink, and Support Our Fellow Community

For those who have never attended one of our People’s Cocktail events, the typical premise is this: four bartenders who craft four specialty cocktails, each cocktail having a partnering charity. Each cocktail ordered equals a vote cast for the aligned charity, and the people of the community decide who the winner of the evening by ordering drinks. Sounds great, right?

This coming Monday, May 20, we are hosting a very special edition of People's Cocktail! We welcome our dear friend and Durham's bearded sweetheart, Matt Kelly, to the foxhole to showcase a pop up menu of snacks from his incredible restaurant, Saint James. We’ll still be featuring four specialty cocktails, but there will be no “good hearted” rivalry involved. This month, all proceeds will go to one cause.

Saint James, along with several other businesses, has been closed since a deadly explosion blasted through downtown Durham last month. The repercussions of this tragedy are still being felt by the community, so all proceeds from Monday's event will go toward a recovery fund set up to provide aid to those impacted by the blast. Funds will be distributed to those who were injured, who are out of work based on closed places of business, and to those trying to rebuild.

Come out on Monday to try some incredible cocktails and snacks, but even more so, to help and support our fellow community members.

May means Chardonnay

One Wine, Many Faces

With the warm weather looking like it’s here to stay, we’re very excited for the theme of this month’s Marrow Magnum Monday. Our May selections showcase the many different faces of a warm weather favorite wine, Chardonnay. We’ll be featuring four different Chardonnays from regions all over the world, including France’s Jura and Burgundy regions alongside Napa Valley.

What’s Marrow Magnum Monday? Each Monday, our beverage director Cappie Peete picks a different magnum of wine to offer by the glass. The magnum picks are organized by a monthly theme, giving you a chance to do a deep dive into a region or style by trying wines in large format.

Monday is also the only day of the week that we offer our embered bone marrow--not to be missed!

On May 6th, we’ll be featuring Domaine Cheveau Vieilles Vignes from Pouilly-Fuisse, France. This small production wine from southern Burgundy comes from a domaine that has been family-owned and operated for three generations. This wine has powerful flavors like expressive fruit and brightness, with an accent of French oak.

On May 13th, we will be closed for staff appreciation celebrations.

On May 20th, our selection will be Domaine Pelican Arbois from Jura, France.  Domaine Pelican’s owner, Guillaume D’Angerville owns Domaine D’Angerville in Burgundy, and has started producing wine in a lesser known region, Jura. This wine stands out with its fresh and bright flavors, and takes on more Burgundy wine qualities than the typical oxidative style of a Jura wine.

On May 27th, our final selection this month is Hyde Vineyard Massican from Napa Valley, California. We’re imploring you to free your mind from past experiences of California Chardonnay and try this selection by Dan Petroski. He turns some of the best fruit in Napa into a wine rich and full, but with vibrant acidity that brings forth the tropical fruit and mineral tones.

Chardonnay, four different ways. You won’t want to miss the experience to try each of their individualistic flavor profiles. Make your Monday reservation(s) here.

Poole’s | A Cocktail For Every Era

Turning Back The Clock

Although the season may be springing us ahead, at Poole’s Diner we’ve decided to go back in time. Regarding cocktails, that is. It’s always fun and exciting to craft new cocktails, but there’s something truly comforting in the classics… at least we think so.

Our new seasonal cocktail menu features drinks through the ages, from eras like the Prohibition Age, Disco Tec, and Tiki Age. There’s a story behind each cocktail, and we thought we’d give you a behind-the-scenes look at our selections:

Antibes, a town along the French Riviera between Cannes and Nice, was briefly the home of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the namesake of our first drink. This Prohibition Era drink with gin, Benedictine, and grapefruit juice, was said to be a drink that Fitzgerald served guests at this home, including Hemingway and Picasso.

The Vieux Carre was created by Walter Bergeron at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. His hotel was often the venue for the city’s annual Tales Of The Cocktail festival. This classic drink’s name translates to “Old Square” and references the hotel’s location within the French Quarter of the historic city.

Created by London bartender Dick Bradsell in the 1980's, Russian Spring Punch was a cocktail he created while trying to save money for a party he was hosting. This Disco Era cocktail is made up of of vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, creme de cassis, and sparkling wine; though Bradsell had his guests provide their own sparkling wine for the original version of the beverage.

The Americano, by Gaspare Campari, was originally named Milano-Torino to identify Campari and Sweet Vermouth and hails from the Pre-Prohibition Era. This cocktail gained its new name after Primo Carnera, an Italian boxer, became the first non-American to win the US heavyweight boxing championship.

Pimm’s Cup, another Pre-Prohibition Era cocktail, has become the official drink every year at Wimbledon. The most basic version of the cocktail is Pimm’s, a slice of cucumber and lemon-lime soda, however many decide to spice up the cocktail by adding seasonal fruits and different mixers.

The Pina Colada, from the Tiki Age, has several different variations, and several different origins. The earliest mention of the cocktail salutes a 19th century Puerto Rican pirate as the creator; who gave the drink to his men to lift their spirits. The modern Pina Colada is said to be the creation of a bartender at Caribe Hilton’s Beachcomber, while the blended version of the drink was said to be the creation of Spanish bartender, working at Restaurant Barrachina in Buenos Aires.

Another Prohibition Era cocktail Horse’s Neck, was originally intended to be a non-alcoholic beverage, but became a classic cocktail when a heavy pour of bourbon was added to the glass. This drink gets its name from its garnish, an extra long lemon twist that acts as the “horse’s neck”.

Our last cocktail hails from the Modern Age. The Naked and Famous is a mezcal fueled, modern day variation of “The Last Word”, a cocktail created by bartender Joaquin Simo while working at Death & Co. in New York City.

Try one, try all, this season.

April Means Five Marrow Magnum Mondays

Wine Selections From Loire Valley

April is a special month for many reasons, but mainly because we get FIVE Mondays, and you know what that means. Our Marrow Magnum Monday selections this month are from Loire Valley. This fertile river valley region in France was once the unofficial capital of France for aristocrats and royals; and its rich agriculture makes it one of the country’s top wine-producing regions.

What’s Marrow Magnum Monday? Each Monday, our beverage director Cappie Peete picks a different magnum of wine to offer by the glass. The magnum picks are organized by a monthly theme, giving you a chance to do a deep dive into a region or style by trying wines in large format.

Monday is also the only day of the week that we offer our embered bone marrow--not to be missed!

On April 1st, our selection is Bernard Baudry’s Les Grezeaux Chinon. The Loire region in France boasts some of the world's best white wines; however the reds are not to be shunned. This single vineyard Chinon is from one of the appellation's most outstanding producers, Bernard Baudry. His wines are known for their delicious texture and food-friendliness.

On April 8th, we’re featuring Clisson Muscadet-Sevre-et-Maine by Domaine de la Pépiere. Marc Ollivier has become the standard-bearer for natural winemaking in the region and consistently produces wines with impressive concentration, especially this deliciously complex Muscadet from Domaine de la Pepiere. This wine shows classic aromas of pear, Meyer lemon, salty minerality and lip-smacking acidity.

On April 15th, our selection is Terres Rouges Saumur-Champigny by Arnaud Lambert in a giant 3L bottle (because Tax Day deserves a little something extra). Lambert is driving a revolutionary movement in the appellation of Saumur Champigny and is re-discovering the potential of these vineyards through organic viticulture and precise winemaking. This wine is produced using only stainless steel to preserve its freshness and show off its ethereal aromas of roses, herbal tea and ripe raspberries.

On April 22nd, we’ll be featuring Lucien Crochet’s Sancerre Rosé. This highly quaffable wine, produced by Lucien Crochet, is made from all Pinot Noir and continues to get better with age. A glass of this exquisitely balanced and food-friendly wines is what makes this one of our all-time favorite roses!

On April 29th, we’ll end the month with Chenin Blanc & Cabernet Franc by Lieu Dit. Lieu Dit is a winery in Santa Barbara County that was founded to focus solely on the indigenous varieties of grapes from Loire Valley. Both their Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc display balance, elegance and purity; and they truly represent the essence of Loire Valley wines.  

These five selections from this incredible French region will not disappoint, guaranteed. Make your Monday reservation(s) here.

Stir The Pot with Jeremiah Langhorne

“Best Mid-Atlantic Chef” heads to the South

Our dinner series, Stir the Pot, which benefits the Southern Foodways Alliance’s documentary initiative, returns this spring at Death & Taxes.

Join us on Sunday, April 7th for a five-course meal with wine pairing by chef Jeremiah Langhorne. Tickets are $150 and available here.

Jeremiah Langhorne is chef and co-owner of The Dabney, located in Washington, D.C. In 2018, he won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Mid Atlantic, and The Dabney was awarded a Michelin star in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Langhorne worked all over the world, from Charleston to Copenhagen to the mountains of Colorado, before settling in D.C.

Needless to say, this is going to be a phenomenal night, and all in support of one of our most cherished organizations.

Join us for Stir the Pot!

James Beard Award 2019Outstanding Chef James Beard Award 2014Best Chef: Southeast
2019 James Beard AwardOutstanding Chef 2014 James Beard AwardBest Chef: Southeast
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